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Fabulous & Funky Newspaper Hats

Reduce, reuse, recycle and get creative! Newspaper hats are the festival fashion favourite. We set you up for success and then your imagination takes it from there.

Sponsored by: Riverbend Cooperative Playschool

Interactive Canvas

Help create a themed canvas using acrylic paint and multi-media techniques. Drop into the Riverbend and Windermere locations of Capital Vision Eye Care to check out the canvases we did last year. They are awesome!

Sponsored by: Capital Vision Care

Paint-o-Rama Kids Canvas

Metres and metres of artist quality paper for you to map and explore with tempera paint. Look for us at the basketball courts.

Sponsored by: Options Academy and Fred Katz Photography

Paint-o-Rama Kids Castle

Your imagination and paint transform a cardboard castle into something spectacular.

Sponsored by: Riverbend Childs Pavilion & After School Care

Paint-o-Rama Kids Cottage

Imagination and paint transform a cardboard cottage into your dream home…well almost!

Sponsored by Greenfield Nursery School

Prayer & Wish Flags

Prayer and wish flags are inspired by the tradition of Tibetan prayer flags. Individuals create a flag with fabric and decorate it with symbols and designs based on their dreams and wishes. Finally, the flags, similar to Tibetan prayer flags, are attached to a line and displayed. Individuals can retrieve their flags at any point and take them home or leave them to flutter in the breeze for the remainder of the event. This is an activity that inspires us to dream and project our prayers, dreams and wishes out into the universe.

Sponsored by: Wisdom Tree Media

Puzzle Board Painting

Paint a piece of the puzzle and see how it integrates into the big picture. Watch a Canadian masterpiece come to life before your eyes!

Sponsored by: Riverbend Dental Clinic and Tessa Stanley Art Studio

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Toddlers and teens alike cant resist the canvas that never ends. Joins us as we turn sidewalks into blasts of colour and self-expression.

Sponsored by: Riverbend Christian Nursery School

Spin Art

Try your hand at spin art! 4Cats Arts Studio – Riverbend brings you the ever-popular spin station.

Sponsored by: 4Cats Arts Studio Riverbend

Tambourines & Noisemakers

Make a tambourine or a guitar and strike up your own band!

Sponsored by: Caesars School of Music

Urban Artscapes

Edgy and illicit…this urban art form is also known as graffiti. The skateboard park is an awesome venue for this popular interactive element.

Note: Due to fumes and the nature of the medium this station is not appropriate for children under the age of six.

Sponsored by: Oak Hills Community League

In Kind: Benjamin Moore: My Favourite Paint Store, Cloverdale Paint, Winsdor Plywood


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